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Say goodbye to paper-based business cards. Say hello to sleek, basic, and contemporary networking tools.

Digital Business Card Profiles

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Smart cards

Plastic, wood or metal | Custom designed
Tap (NFC) or scan QR code

Smart Cellphone case

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Custom Brand Designs

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Digital Business Profiles & Smart Cards

You can probably all agree that there is a spark when you make a new connection. How about sharing your contact information in a tech-savvy way to create that “first impression”?

Digital Business Profiles are like landing pages or mini websites that feature your most important information and links. You can simply share your unique business profile link via WhatsApp, email or social media.  We also provide a complete selection of smart business cards which is ideal for in person networking events. View more information below and ways to share your Digital Business Profile.

Smart Business cards

We can assist you with designing Smart Business Card that matches your brand style. These cards contain an NFC Chip where can one share contact details with a single tap. All our packages also include a Dynamic QR code. The beauty of having a Dynamic QR code (instead of a static QR code) is that the destination URL can be changed, without altering the QR code generated.

Our Story

The professional way to connect

Fusion Profile is powered by Digital Fusion and Design Fusion. We provide business professionals with smarter tools for smarter connections. Our digital business cards are easily customisable and can be adjusted with one click of a button. We offer business cards in different materials including plastic, wood/bamboo, and metal. That’s not all, we also specialise in smart cellphone covers available for Samsung, iPhone, Huawei, Redmi and Oppo – each includes an artwork and cover.

Digital Fusion

We’re passionate about assisting small to medium business in enhancing their digital footprint! Whether it’s through streamlined content creation, web design, social media advertising, or tailored creative support, Digital Fusion offers digital marketing services to B2B to help business owners build their online presence. In 2022, we have expanded our Digital Fusion brand and launched Design Fusion which is a full-circle graphic design studio.

Design Fusion

As Design Fusion, we aim to improve brand experiences and significant life celebrations, and in doing so we combine creativity and vision. We offer a wide range of graphic design services to both B2B and the community such as creating business brand identities, product labels, stationery designs, online wedding invitations, and gift designs.

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October 2019

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March 2022

Why should you switch to digital?

The primary reason we have business cards is to share information. In the past, this was done with printed calling cards, where all you had to do was to fish yours out from your breast pocket or card carrier and hand it to someone.

Although giving out your card is a quick process, there is a chance that the recipient will lose it. Additionally, it’s likely that your card will get lost in a stack of other business cards. After all, if they needed something, they would likely pick up their phone and Google it right away.

How much are business cards per pack? Where do they ultimately go? You can have a digital business card made that lasts forever for the price of designing and printing a stack of business cards.

Want to update your information? No issue. new brand? No issue. All the drawbacks of conventionally printed business cards are eliminated by using digital cards.

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to share
  • Eco-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • Compatible with all modern smartphones

Tap, Share & Connect!

Ways to share Digital Business Card Profile

Professional information can be shared in a variety of ways, including SMS, QR Code, airdrop, social media, and more. Your clients can access your polished online business card with just a text message and a link.

Smart card materials options:


Created from tough plastic that is eight times recyclable. The ideal option for any occasion is made with precision and longevity in mind.

Wood / Bamboo

This environmentally conscious method of networking will definitely stand out. And for each card sold, a tree is planted. These options are available in Birch (light) and Sapele (dark) from carefully sourced woods.

Metal / Metallic

This card, which is laser-engraved and made of stainless steel, stands out from the crowd.

Smart Cellphone Covers

Includes Standard Cover Design Artwork & cellphone cover

Cellphone cover options: Samsung, iPhone, Huawei, Redmi and Oppo

Now you don't ever have to enter contact information into your smartphone again. By upgrading to a smart business card, you can connect with anyone by tapping, sharing, and so much more.

Learn more about our packages to find out which one suits your needs!

Virtual Business Card

Existing Landing page

Need a personalised Digital Business profile?

Design add-ons:

Smart Business Card

Digital Business Profile

Smart card options:

Design add-ons:

Fusion Smart BCard

Digital Business Profile

Smart card options:

Design add-ons:

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Order: Complete the contact form by providing your contact details and selecting the product(s) you wish to purchase. We’ll send you a quotation soon thereafter.


Design: Once payment has been received, we will provide the design content and your logo for review.


Review: Evaluate the digital design proof, provide feedback, and approve.


Print & deliver: After approval, we will arrange for your card to be printed and delivered to your doorstep.